Shakespeare Essay due: Exam Block
Shakespeare Monologues due: Week beginning: 
Short Story final due: Week beginning: 
Welcome to Year 12 English!
The focus of study this Semester is 'Global Societies and Times' - it is a multifaceted unit that examines texts from different socio-cultural and social-historical eras that explore universal themes unique to humanity.
Students will delve into the life and times of William Shakespeare, and discover how these, and his fascination with the 'human condition' influenced his iconic drama Macbeth.  This timeless tragedy will be the stimulus for an Analytical Expository Essay and a Dramatic Monologue.
Students will also study a canonical novel from the past or one that is representative of past society.  With the teacher's guidance, students will recognise the ways in which socio-cultural and historical factors influence an author's textual choices. Their class novel (each class may study a different novel) is the stimulus for the construction of their own creative narrative. 
To support your study of Senior English this year you should have:
  • Oxford Senior English Skills Builder 3rd Edition
  • English Essentials by Mem Fox and Lyn Wilkinson
These texts were on your booklist and you will require them in Week One.  Suggested activities from these texts will appear on Moodle.
Remember: Knowledge is empowering!
Enjoy your final year at Mount Alvernia!