Life today has changed significantly.  We have access to multitudes of technology - we live in a technological era.  Prior to this, one of the most significant eras of change occurred which influenced life in more ways that anyone could have imagined.  Known as the industrial revolution, inventions and industry boomed.  This had major impacts on all facets of life.

How do context, attitudes, values and beliefs influence life stories?

Students will investigate this question, as we delve into the lives of our Indigenous people and the changes that occurred during the time that the Europeans began settling in Australia?  What is at the heart of Aboriginal spirituality? How has European settlement impacted on this?

How do values and attitudes change over the course of war?

NAPLAN activities; short story narrative and the lead up to WWI.

 We will investigate the causes, the consequences, the battles, the impact and effects of this on Australia and the world.  We will undertake a mini-inquiry to investigate the use of propaganda during war time and consider how nations use this to convince its people to go to war.  We will study and explore some poetry, primary and secondary sources, images and story in our investigations.