Biology explores and questions the natural world in which we live. There are many complex interrelationships between species and within body systems. In Term 1, students will investigate the characteristics of living things such as cellular features and exchange of matter and gases; classification systems; distinguishing structural, physical and behavioural features and various adaptations.

In Term 2, students will explore the many relationships between living and non-living components of an environment. Students will analyse the various requirements of living things for their survival in an ever-changing ecosystem and also the biotic and abiotic factors which govern this. They will also identify the many ways in which humans impact on an organism's habitat. We will explore the effects of deforestation, urbanisation, eutrophication, introduced species and disease.

A field trip to Point Cartwright will allow students to put biological skills into practise and get a feel of how a true biologist in the field would work. Students will collect data to then report on their findings in a comprehensive booklet.